Shad does a wedding at the Inglenook

The Inglenook Hotel in Nyetimber (near Chichester) is a family-run 16th century Grade II listed building and boasts good food, a welcoming atmosphere and a stunning patio and gardens.  The bride and groom had organised a beautiful wedding ceremony at the venue along with a reception and hired Shadow Photography to capture the occasion on camera.  John packed the gear into the boot and I bounded on to the front seat of the car, eager to start work on this warm sunny day.  Then John appeared with my travel basket which I’m supposed to stay in for safety reasons so I hopped in and we made our way to the Inglenook.


The happy couple were so friendly and the mood throughout the day was relaxed and enjoyable, probably because the groom kept making faces and messing around making everyone laugh!  At one point, he stuck his tongue out just as I was about to take a shot, and he seemed to find shaking paws with me highly amusing.  For reasons of dignity and self-respect, I usually don’t perform tricks like lifting my paws or rolling-over, after all I am a professional.  But decorum goes out the window when there’s a prawn vol-au-vent involved and unfortunately the groom discovered my weakness.  By the end of the day I was completely shattered, having been a photographer, entertainer, food-taster and cat extraordinaire for the day!

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