Shad does Sunset Party in the Park — Marwell Wildlife

Marwell Zoo opened their doors last Friday evening for a special event and I was there with John and a couple of other mates.  I was so excited when we entered through the doors to the sound of beating drums samba-style and I watched in awe as this brilliant drumming band produced a jungle rhythm that echoed across the landscape like a call from a wild animal in the safari.

DSC_4573Then something huge and brown came bounding towards me and said g’day mate.  I looked up to find two Australian kangaroos bouncing in front of me, they were hilarious.  Obviously guys dressed up as kangaroos on stilts, but they had all the authentic parts, if you get my drift!

DSC_4577I also saw a juggling act with a difference – two talented young ladies who were playing with fire and making it look easy.

DSC_4679We were really lucky that night because all the big cats were out prowling around in their enclosures and checking out the on-lookers.  I stood just 8 feet away from a stunning snow leopard with a thick soft bushy tail and enormous paws having a snooze and a yawn in the evening sun.  The cheetahs were pacing up and down, getting their evening exercise and marking their territory, and the servals (medium-sized African wild cats) were curled up just like me when I’m at home in front of the fire.   While I was there, I also checked out the giraffes and rhinos, and was pleased to see the flamingos were nesting with their eggs.  There were loads of families and couples having a good time and I had a fun evening, which ended on a high when I won a fluffy red panda toy in the raffle on the way out.

DSC_4771Milla DSC_4794  More info –

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