Shad meets The Equihunter

On Saturday, John drove us both up to Felbridge Show Ground in rural East Grinstead to do a commercial shoot for a client who makes and sells horseboxes.  It was a warm damp day but I was able to get some great shots of this stylish custom-built horsebox which consisted of a front driving section, a luxury lounge area behind that, and the actual horsebox at the rear.

The demonstrator is up for sale



Checkout his blog at

After the shoot, John carried me into the lounge area (well I was tired!) and I had a satisfying snooze on a Union Jack cushion and drank cat-milk from a china saucer while I watched the riders take part in the show jumping.  I couldn’t help but feel regal, as I stretched out on my plush cushion, watching the horses trot, canter and pirouette around the grounds, impressed by their natural athletic ability.  The riders appeared composed and were dressed to impress in white breeches, white shirts and gloves, riding hats and a type of riding coat called (would you believe) a shadbelly!  But the less said about my belly the better!!


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