Shad Does Butterflies Birds and Beasts

I like insects, in fact I’ve been known to chase and catch a few in my time, its in the genes.  But what I saw today weren’t your traditional creepy crawlies.  These beautiful butterflies, vibrant colours, graceful and elegant, fluttered around me, swooping and swirling, landing gently on a leaf or a flower.  I was mesmerised by these lovely creatures who feed on nectar from flowers and don’t do any harm to anyone or anything.  I decided I had too much respect for them to try to chase them, plus it was so hot in the tropical butterfly house that I wouldn’t have had the energy!

After a quick lick of water to quench the thirst, I continued my adventure through Earnley Butterflies Birds and Beasts (near Chichester, West Sussex) to the tropical bird aviary where the finches, parrots and lovebirds fly around freely.  I had to have an escort from management for this bit, I think they were a little concerned that I might not be able to control my basic instincts.  But I’m a sophisticated cat who has mastered his physical urges and I wasn’t going to show myself up by leaping around like a frolicking lamb in springtime.  Anyway, I’m built for comfort, not speed!

The colours and beautiful smells of the 17 themed gardens kept me busy as my adventure continued, with areas like the kitchen garden or the beautiful water feature in the Japanese garden!

Outside in the wonderful West Sussex sunlight, squeaking away I came across several guinea pigs in their lovely homes!

A large chicken gave me the evil eye after I took her photo really pleased she was behind a fence!!

My favourite ‘beast’ was the giant tortoise, a magnificent reptile indeed.  He was a wise hold man who walked and talked very slowly, probably because he has to carry that impressive but heavy shell around with him.  I’m glad I’ve got fur, I don’t think a shell would suit me, unless they come in purple, that’s my favourite colour!

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