Shad Does Bognor Regis Illuminations Gala 2013

I do like to see people getting involved in local events and supporting their community.  Thats what happened last Sunday evening at the town centre and seafront for the Bognor Regis Illuminations Gala.  Its a night-time procession of decorated floats, groups, bands and individuals, all lit up!  The event supports the town’s summer illuminations which attract tourists and business to the area and is a chance for people to come up with some illuminating ideas for floats and costumes.  The procession winds its way to the Pier, for a firework display at 10pm.  Just a word of advice to all you pet owners out there – don’t forget to make sure your pets are tucked up safe and sound at home when there are fireworks around.  Some cats and dogs are are very confident and relaxed, but most would get a bit freaked out by the noise.

The procession was led by the fabulous Horndean Marching Band, a military style band from Horndean (north of Portsmouth), who perform in concerts, parades and bandstands using wind instruments and percussion.  The band was formed in 1979 as part of the local youth club but is now open to anyone age 9 to 99.

I’d like to join a marching band, but I’d struggle to keep up with the pace due to my being vertically challenged compared to a human.  Don’t get me wrong, I can jog along at a fair old pace when required, despite my generous proportions, but I need all 4 paws to get a good trot going, and then I wouldn’t be able to hold my instrument.  No, I think I’ll stick to photography and chasing John’s toes around the house for amusement.

If you’re looking for something fun to do next Sunday 1st September, Bognor Pier Trust are hosting a Party on the Pier – Caribbean style.  The party includes a Caribbean costume competition and will help raise funds and public awareness of the Trust which is run by volunteers committed to saving and restoring Bognor’s beloved pier.  Its a ticket only event and I hope the weather will be warm for those ladies and gents who decide to wear a grass skirt and a flower ‘lei’ or garland around their necks

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