Shad does the Bognor summer Carnival

A pirate on a jet-ski flying a skull and crossbones is not a sight you see every day.  But if like me you were on Bognor sea front this afternoon, you would have seen pirates of all ages, shapes and sizes wandering around as part of this fun community event.  The most impressive pirate had to be the Jack Sparrow look-a-like who pulled off a convincing camp gait Johnny Depp style – walking in a melodramatic and unbalanced fashion coupled with vigorous gesticulating of the hands!


Neighbourhood clubs and charities turned up to raise their profiles as well as a few pennies, such as the local RNLI who were out on the water demonstrating their unique life-saving skills.  There was a warm and wonderful family atmosphere, not to mention the heady aroma of fish and chips wafting across the promenade.  A few meows and a few morsels of fish later, I was a contented cat.

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