My Friend Baz

I want to introduce you to my friend Basil.  He is 4 years old and lives with his brother Ginger and a couple of other cats.  Baz likes to be naughty and can often be seen climbing up a tree or the neighbours conservatory, sitting on top of a car or hanging off the shed.  His playful nature leads him into mischief but he is lucky enough to have kind neighbours who think his antics are quite funny.  Despite being a cheeky monkey, Baz is a good cat who does not like to hunt or fight and he is friendly to humans and tolerant with other animals.  His back paws are white but his bottom is black so from behind he looks like he is wearing a little pair of black hotpants.  Here is a picture of him walking through the garden.  Check out the mince!!

                                                                  Basil                                                             Basil

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