John Goes to Tenerife….

It’s that time of year again when I escape the clutches of Shad’s claws and have a short break in Tenerife.  I’m only kidding Shad, you know you’re the only one for me!  And of course I missed your 4.30am wake up calls and the way you curl your talons, I mean your tail, around my legs!

 Last time I went away I was surrounded by the snow of Innsbruck but this time I opted for scorching sunshine and high winds down at El-Médano to see the Wind and Kite Surfers.


El Médano is one of the world’s best windsurfing/kitesurfing locations, with three different windsurfing spots – the Bay (flat/swell), the Harbour Wall (wavespot sideshore), and Cabezo Beach (wavespot onshore). The main bay is divided into three areas, the general sailing area with very good entry and exit points, the swimming area, marked by a chain of buoys and the pigs bay.  I have no idea why it’s called that.


The furball will be pleased he stayed curled up at home because he doesn’t like the heat…… The temperatures hit a high of 37 deg and Shad’s fur coat goes all clumpy and wiry when he gets too hot.  Not a good look.  We won’t mention my curly black hair or as Shad would say silky grey….


Shad checks out the kite-surfers

Jumpin’ jiminy was it windy out there this weekend!  John and I were driving along the seafront and spotted some large kites swaying and souring through the air.  Intrigued, we pulled up and saw a photo opportunity – wet-suited kite-surfers riding the waves.  It was exhilarating to say the least, setting up my camera on the promenade whilst the wind whipped through my fur and the salty sea-mist sprayed my whiskers.

It looked like a tough and risky business but I imagine the surfers must have been getting a real adrenaline kick as they harnessed the power of the wind with their kites and propelled themselves across the choppy water.  They spotted us taking photos and started showing off, maneuvering their bodies with strength and balance.  They performed tricks, gliding across the surface of the sea and jumping and flying through the air, grabbing their boards and landing skilfully.  I was amazed that they didn’t get their kites caught up in each others’ and I was impressed with their persistence, no matter how many times they came off their boards, they just climbed right back on and kept going.  That’s the spirit!

Much as I enjoyed shooting the surfers, we packed up after an hour because my paws were getting damp and I had a heck of a hankering for fish.  We gave the surfers a wave goodbye and jumped into the car to dry off.  Luckily, John keeps my favourite travelling blanket on the back seat, so I curled up and had one of my cat-naps, dreaming of crowds of people applauding as I back-flipped my way across the water, the first hot-footing free-styling feline to ride a surfboard!