Shad does the cricket

Cricket.  John has explained it to me 7 times and I still don’t understand it.  I simply accept that it is what it is – a bat and ball game between 2 teams which involves scoring runs, something about wickets and dismissing a batsman.  While spectators cheer, clap and guffaw in all the right places as they follow play, I adopt a more holistic approach.  As outdoor cricket matches tend to take place in lovely locations, it gives me a chance to ponder the natural world and exercise my imagination while the ball flies across the pitch and into the stumps.  Some of my favourite outdoor deliberations include counting how many seconds a bird can soar along the air currents without flapping its wings, guessing the appearance of the odd-shaped clouds and following those helicopter shaped leaves as they fall from the sycamore trees.

This particular match was Surrey versus Warwickshire and I let John take all the photos while I concentrated on other pursuits such as working my magic on the lovely ladies and gents in the tea tent.  I meowed and gazed lovingly at them with my pupils as dilated as possible which humans always find enchanting.  They gave me a saucer of weak tea and a small piece of a chicken sandwich and I was so grateful that I hopped on the friendly lady’s lap and gave her a big wet kiss on her ear.  She giggled and everybody said how cute I was.  Isn’t that nice?!  With a full belly and a smile on my face, I trotted happily out of the tea tent and found a shady spot close to John for my afternoon nap.  How civilised!

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