Shad does the London Marathon 2016

I truly believe that as a member of the felis catus species, I was genetically engineered to always choose the most efficient option and to never expend valuable energy without a beneficial purpose (usually involving food)!  So when I see humans running in the London Marathon for such altruistic purposes as raising money for charity I can’t help but admire their tenacity.  Now don’t judge me for not wanting to run 26 miles for someone else, not everyone has a body that suits lycra.  Although saying that, not everybody in the Marathon wore lycra.  Some brave souls wore far more including an elephant outfit, a rhinoceros costume and an ensemble that resembled a camel, some of my favourite animals who all need lots of support from kind humans because they are either used and abused in the tourist industry for rides or killed for various parts of their anatomy.

Participants did not only run, there were others jogging, walking, competing in wheelchairs and waddling in a Dr Who tardis.  Although the enormous effort put in by the participators is undeniable, let us not forget the many wonderful supporters behind that scenes like those who sponsor to help raise money, those who clean up and those who stand on the side-lines giving out drinks and cheering.  My role I decided was to keep my fur to an acceptably soft standard, curl up on John’s bag and lift my head to nod in approval from time to time as the tired but happy humans crossed the finish line.  Despite the sweat pouring from their faces, there was a lot of sticky moist hugging as people finished the race and stumbled to a halt, looking for their friends and loved ones.  You humans are a special bunch!

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