Shad does the PGA Golf

It was Celebrity Pro-Am Day at the BMW PGA Championship 2015 and John and I were there as part of the photography team.  The event featured professional golfers like Lee Westwood and Rory McIlroy getting together with celebrity amateur players for a round of golf and the chance to raise money for charity.  The location was Wentworth in Surrey, a prestigious golf and country club with a spa, a dress code and a ballroom full of sparkly dangly decorations that made me want to leap in the air and grab them.  John said the Club might not appreciate me playing with their crystal ornaments so we decided to go outside.


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The golf course was immaculately kept as though someone had been over it with a pair of nail scissors.  Every building maintained to the highest standard, every inch of grass trimmed with precision, every drop of water in the fountains and ponds glistened in the sunlight.   I was blown away by the beauty of it all, wondering how amazing it would be to live here as a cat, chasing the ducks and climbing the trees to admire the boundless vista.  Just as I pictured myself rolling around in the soft warm sand of the freshly raked bunkers, John told me to stop daydreaming as play was underway.  Thinking about it, I doubt that an exclusive place like Wentworth would accommodate a pussy cat with foibles like mine!


John said there were some famous people driving the green including Chris Evans (the radio DJ), Ian Wright (the TV presenter), Jamie Redknapp (the footballer), Declan Donnelly (from Britain’s Got Talent) and the charismatic Anton Du Beke, professional dancer on one of my favourite TV shows Strictly Come Dancing.  It’s no secret that I love the ballroom with all its glittery costumes and graceful steps.  Unfortunately there’s nothing glittery or graceful about the way I move, but I still got style!


Golf seems like a difficult game that requires practice and skill but it was clear that the players and spectators were resolute in their enthusiasm about the tournament and its outcome.  I personally enjoyed the day thanks to the lovely landscape, amusing outfits and peculiar phrases.  I heard people talk about lag putts, lip outs and long irons, and there were several mentions of an eagle, but I didn’t see it.  Top of my amusing terminology list is a waggle (a move of the club from side to side before starting the swing), a whippy (used to describe a flexible club shaft) and a whiff (when the player misses the ball altogether after making a swing).

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