Shad does Strictly

When John told me we were going to Birmingham to see the Strictly Come Dancing Live Tour at the Barclaycard Arena I was thrilled, although you wouldn’t have guessed it from my cool demeanour and ever-so-slightly derisive snigger.  After all, a strong boy like me has a reputation to uphold.  But I could only keep up the nonchalant pretence for so long before excitement got the better of me.  We were going to see the loveable TV star Mark Wright, the handsome professional dancer Aljaž, the talented Simon Webbe and the delightful Zoe Ball.  If a cat could squeal, the local dogs would have howled at the high-pitch sound I wanted to make.  Instead I eagerly flicked my tail and pointed my ears up with glee as we made our way through the crowds to find our seats.


As the silver glitter ball glistened and sparkled, Zoe and the judges made their way out on to the stage and the crowd cheered as Craig Revel Horwood made his entrance.  It was just like the real Strictly that you see on the television, the professional dancers and their celebrity partners coming on to the floor to each perform two of their best dances.  As you can see, the men looked dapper and the ladies looked alluring in their ruffles and sequins.  Poor Scott Mills performed his lobster samba to Under the Sea and got a 2 from Craig which I thought was a little mean considering the effort he put in.  Scott seems like a nice guy but he has 2 left feet!  Simon Webbe performed his Argentine Tango and quite rightly got a 10 (yes a 10) from Craig while the crowd applauded enthusiastically.  Caroline Flack’s Charleston was superb and in the grand finale all the dancers looked wonderful as they kicked, flicked, spun, tapped and promenaded their way around the dance floor.  To top things off, Zoe and the other judges joined the entire cast for a dance and I was most impressed with Craig’s pivot!


My paws were drumming on the floor most of the night and at one point I was so carried away with the glitz and glamour of it all that John had to hold me back.  I certainly had a great time and it turns out I have a latent fondness for the ballroom .  Fab-u-lous darling!  (You have to be a Strictly fan to appreciate that phrase).  On the way home, I drifted into a satisfied sleep, dreaming of my Latin moves and whirling round the dance floor with a beautiful fluffy tortoiseshell lady!  Shimmy shimmy!

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