Shad does Huxley’s Birds of Prey, Horsham

spectacled owl

spectacled owl

This spectacled owl (don’t you just love that name by the way?!) is one of the many falcons, eagles, owls, buzzards, hawks, kestrels and other character birds (such as kookaburras and ravens) who put on a spectacular show for visitors at Huxley’s Birds of Prey Centre in Horsham.

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Day out at the Aquarium

I just love photography and anything to do with taking photos and I usually can’t resist the opportunity to go out at the weekend and practice.  So a couple of weeks ago John took me to the aquarium so I could have a sniff round and take some pictures of the fish.  I love the aquarium, what cat wouldn’t!  I was mesmerised by the angel fish and clown fish, such pretty colours, all swimming around, wriggly and jolly, teasing me something rotten they were!  John had to drag me away when my pussy-cat instincts started kicking in and I dribbled!  Most undignified!

There were some cheeky brown otters there too.  They were young and feisty and one of them kept showing off because his whiskers were bigger than mine.  But I was secretly impressed.  Never thought I’d get whisker-envy!  I told him that I take pictures for a living and he asked me if I could take a few of him in natural poses with his friends.  We had a good time watching them frolicking in their pond.  Happy days!!

Yellow Tang