Proud Cub in the Setting Sun

This is one of the Snow Leopard cubs born in the spring at Marwell Zoo. Myself and John have watched them grow this year from fur balls into beautiful cats

Sad Loss at Marwell

Irina's Cubs

Second day out of the den

As some of my followers will know myself and John love visiting Zoo’s and wildlife parks, especially Marwell Wildlife Park located in Hampshire.

It saddens me today to hear the loss of one my cousins, our sympathies are with all those involved in looking after these wonderful animals.

Below is the statement from

Late yesterday afternoon (Thursday), the Carnivore team reported the news that Ariun, one of our male snow leopard cubs sadly died. We have some early indications of an incurable underlying condition. However, we won’t be able to confirm the cause of death until the results of a post mortem examination and tests have been completed. Ariun’s brother and sister appear to be well, but we will obviously monitor them closely.
The death of Ariun is a great loss to everyone at Marwell, especially our keepers and the veterinary team who have worked closely with the cubs over the last four months.