Shadow Photography’s Autumn Campaign

Shadow Photography is the business John and I started almost 2 years ago and, at the risk of sounding self-indulgent, John and I have worked hard to develop it into a viable prospect.  Not many cats have the opportunity to learn new skills and meet interesting people from all walks of life so I feel quite proud to be part of the project.  I try to make sure John feels like he’s in charge and I have to admit I couldn’t do it without him – he can lift heavy loads and he has opposable thumbs!  Don’t worry, he’s used to my cheek!

The Sussex Bridal Planner – Shadow-Photography


The Sussex Bridal Planner   Issue 7

Check out Page 35

I thought you might like to see the Shadow Photography advertising campaign that has been designed this year.  Am I sounding executive enough yet?!  It may not be an international conglomerate, but its mine and John’s baby and as managing director I’ve decided to share with you a couple of the ideas we’ve had to promote the business.  Do you recognise the cat in the background on one of the ads?  Its a good-looking ginger-striped old mate of mine.

Shadow-Photography Pets



Behind the scenes with Shad

Natasha, John’s daughter had the chance to shoot with me today!
While I was was setting up my camera, Natasha took the opportunity to capture the master at work.

The Wedding Shoot

Its not all fun and games for the team here at Shadow Photography.  We do have to work from time to time!   And although John and I enjoy our work, we worked hard to earn our pennies at the weekend with a wedding shoot on a particularly hot day in 3 venues – the church, the woods and the evening reception.

We were lucky enough to have a really good assistant (John’s daughter who is also a photographer) to help us and we managed to pull it off without a hitch!  It was a beautiful traditional wedding and once the bride has approved the shots I will share some with you..

Events became more relaxed as the day progressed and the bride and groom looked stylish and happy throughout.  We were invited to take part in the hog-roast dinner which was delicious and finished the day off perfectly.

Checkout the photo’s from this shoot at


Who is Shad the Cat

My name is Shadow and I run my own friendly and professional business as a photographer.  As you can imagine, I have a unique perspective on my work due to the fact that I’m a cat so I am able to offer a service that is individually-tailored to my clients’ needs and comes with a personal furry touch.  My very experienced assistant John is always available to help and he has a passion for producing vibrant and stylish images that reflect my high standards.  If you want to see some of my work, please go to


 As you can appreciate, I have a special connection with animals so I tend to specialise in pet portraits and understand how to capture the individuality of your pet in an artistic and creative way.  I can also produce excellent photographs of items such as food and products for any personal or commercial events that demonstrate lifestyle.  I know how important your family is to you, which is why my family portrait sessions are relaxed and fun and capture moments you can treasure.  I also offer glamorous boudoir shots which flatter and inspire confidence, no matter what your shape and size.  In fact, I’m a little shapely myself but I like my treats and I’m a bit of gourmet!  I have a lot of patience and a good sense of timing (due to my instinctive though latent hunting skills) which are essential when taking the best photos at parties and weddings.  In fact, I have been known to produce outstanding wedding photos, providing I am given the right motivation – usually a few vol-au-vents and a couple of scotch-eggs from the buffet table does the trick!


Thanks for reading about me.  I’ve got to go now because John is busy editing and printing the shots he took for our last client and he’ll need some advice from me about the colour balance and composition.  Plus I’m hoping to give him the ‘big eye’ treatment and persuade him to make a tuna sandwich for us to share.  Next time, I’ll tell you about when I went to the aquarium and saw these huge catfish that were almost as big as me and got into an argument with an otter over who had the biggest whiskers!