Shad supports the Saga-Louts

Yes it’s the good old Saga Louts performing their little hearts out once again, this time at Marwell Outdoor Activity Centre near Winchester.  The Centre offers its visitors the chance to pursue lots of vigorous activities such as kayaking, abseiling and paintball against a beautiful backdrop of lush green Hampshire woodland.  The Saga Louts and another band called the Soulcatchers were invited to the Centre in support of local disabled and learning disability young adults, many of whom were in attendance dancing, singing and squealing in excitement.



The Saga Louts have a fantastic way of putting people at ease, creating a wonderfully relaxed and candid atmosphere where anyone can feel free to join in.  And they did!  They even let me loose on the microphone for a few seconds in the spotlight and everyone clapped and cheered.  Aren’t they nice?!  I’m sure my caterwauling set a few ear-drums on edge but in my head I mewed and purred like happy jaguar.  On the drums was Amazing Alan, bass guitar played by Bewitching Bryan, Nutty Neil on lead guitar and Crazy Colin roaring out the vocals.  John was official photographer and honorary soundman for the day.   The entertainment was fabulous and I hummed rock ballads all the way home.

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