While the cats away ……..

While Shad is away visiting one of his many cousins, I have been  let loose on the blog, dangerous I know. Considering I don’t have the flare and wit of Shadow.

So I thought I would make it easy for myself and share with you a typical summer weekend. If I’m not shooting a wedding or event; then I will be talking to a couple about their up and coming day.

I have a simple process I like to work through with a couple once they have confirmed a date with me. They will receive a simple shot list which covers the formal photos and gives them ideas about other types of photos I can capture during the day. Weeks before the date I will plan the wedding interview where I get them to nominate a member of the wedding party who will know most of the attendees, they will help with rounding up the guests when I start taking the formal photographs. We also talk about specific requirements including the church / venue  restrictions, family photos they must have etc.

If I’m shooting an event then as most of you blog readers will know it could be for a charity, like this weekend I was asked  to photograph a local regatta for Fareham Sailing and Motor Boat Club who were playing host to their members and the local Sea Scouts. Who raced up and down Fareham Creek in dingy’s and gigs.

Looking forward to when the boy returns and he will bring you his unique take on the world… He certainly can do better job than me!!!!

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