Shad enjoys some of John’s work

Every photographer has an arty side and John is no exception.  He left the house early the other morning for a solitary stroll along the sea-front to contemplate life.  It was 3°c outside which is far too cold for my little paws so I stayed at home keeping the sofa warm whilst John wrapped himself up to meet the brisk early day light.  He came back with a smile on his face and a selection of photos full of muted tones and geometric shapes.  Oh yes, it was all very ‘organic’ and a big change from the real lifes and landscapes that we often like to shoot.  Thank goodness I had a brain-boosting breakfast of mackerel fillets in tomato sauce!  Although I noted with interest that John did not have breakfast when he came home and I have a strong suspicion he went for a fry-up without brining me any tit-bits.


We spent a lovely morning rummaging through the arty pictures, discussing the effect of the sea on light and how the contrasting shades are enhanced by printing in black and white.  I really like the asymmetric silhouettes of the pier and how the pictures characterise the architecture of the sea-front.  The shot of the sea groyne is done in such a way that it changes the scale of the object and look at the lonely barnacle sitting patiently on its side waiting for the sea to bring its supper.  While the barnacle waits for his dinner, the birds are busy feeding in the sand amongst the pebbles.  I’m not sure if they’re eating worms, crabs or seaweed, but they seem to be enjoying themselves.

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