Shad Enjoys a Sunset on the Beach

Now I’m not normally given to romantic notions and the mushy stuff, but a beautiful sunset will have me mesmerised by its radiance and charm.  Is it the warmth of those last rays of sunshine?  Could it be the brilliance of the red and orange hues or the patterns thrown across the sky by the beams of light?  May be it’s the promise of a new dawn approaching?  I think a glorious sunset means something different to every individual each time they look at one.


John and I have spent several early evenings on the seafront in our home town of Bognor Regis scouring the promenade for a perfect shot.  I love how the dusk light reflects off the water and the clouds, revealing the expanse of the ocean and the scope of the horizon.  It’s strange to think that while this British cat watched the sun disappear below the skyline, an Aussie cat somewhere in the Tropic of Capricorn was watching the sun rise up in the distance.


Some of these pictures were taken the other evening looking out to sea just as the sun was beginning to set in one of our favourite locations, Sandown Bay on the Isle of Wight.  I found the gentle swell of the water washing back and forth very relaxing and gazed happily at the sea-sprays, as the waves broke and the crest of each one spilled effortlessly down its front face.  See how the light dances on the surface of the water, glimmering its goodbye as the day comes to an end.  But for some creatures that live in the sea, their day is just beginning once the sun has gone to bed.  Many animals such as lobsters, octopuses and cuttlefish come out only at night to feed and hunt.  Of course I can’t vouch for that personally, I have no intention of getting my paws wet to check!  As it is, I got damp sand between my toes and it took me half an hour to lick it off!  It didn’t taste good either! But a good photographer makes sacrifices for his art!

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