Shad meets the baby

So there I was, happily snoozing away, curled up in a ball to keep warm on this cool spring evening, when I heard John getting all excited on the phone.  His daughter Susan had finally given birth to the little bubby that was growing inside her for what seemed like an eternity.  Humans sure do need a lot of brewing, unlike us cats who only need nine weeks as opposed to nine months.


By all accounts, the family was expecting a girl following an ultra-sound a few weeks ago, so you can imagine everyone’s surprise when a boy popped out.  Susan brought young Oscar round to see us a couple of days after she came home from hospital and here are a few pictures of the little squirt to warm your cockles!


As a cat, I’m not given to swooning over human babies, but I have to admit, this one is a cutie, even though he doesn’t have fur and whiskers.  I sniffed him and had a brief moment where I began to contemplate the meaning of life when the little rascal starting screaming.  The noise was deafening so I turned tail and trotted off to the window-sill in the other room to watch the birds in the garden.  I do love my peace and quiet.  Congratulations Susan and Scott!


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