Shad’s Ode to Spring

With all the rain that’s poured from on high
This winter has been soggy
So listen to these jolly words
written by favourite moggy

This little poem designed to rhyme
Was penned to cheer you up
So you can feel the coming of spring
As all the rain dries up

Puffy clouds in pale blue skies
Are a sign that winter is going
Spring is round the corner I feel
And soon the sun will be glowing

The butterflies and bumble bees
The sight of pretty flowers
The sound of starlings singing
And refreshing April showers

Spring is round the corner
And winter in the past
The joys of spring are looming
And the warm breeze comes at last

So pack up all your troubles
There’s excitement in the air
Celebrate the things you treasure
And a smile we will all share

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