Shad shoots more waifs and strays

John and I were hanging out with our friend who fosters the homeless cats.  Regular readers might remember about the pen for waifs and strays in her back garden.  John’s daughter Natasha joined us in the pen and we took these photos.  Its not easy taking photos in the pen due to the limited space and not wanting to frighten the residents.  But just look how cute these moggies are.

The chunky black and white is a 2 year old boy called Bandit.  He had just been to the vets to have ‘the chop’ the day before.  (I’ve been there mate!!)  Anyway, he is a really vocal cat, and the veterinary nurse said he meowed and meowed so much they could hear him in the waiting room.  Then apparently he got into a punch up with the cat next to him, poking his paws through the gaps in the cage, trying to bop him on the noggin.  Anyway, enough gossiping!  He was surrendered by his owner because she had to move house and couldn’t take him.

The other two tiny creatures are Tickle (11 years old) and Whiskey (6 years old).  These friendly little ladies have lived most of their lives outside and were not being cared for by their owner who by all accounts preferred a drink than to spend time caring for the cats.  They told me how happy they were to be safe and warm and dry and fed and stroked every day.  Good luck to Whiskey and Tickle and Bandit and all the pussy cats looking for homes this Christmas.

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