Be Kind to The Cat


A most mysterious and misunderstood little thing
A cat is a wonderful treasure
We sometimes get stroppy and seem so aloof
But can also give so much pleasure

The perfect design, we can leap, crawl and run
For defence we use sharp teeth and claws
We rub round your legs and meow if you’re lucky
Or play with our cute little paws

We sense where we are with our ears and our whiskers
Work hard to look after our fur
We communicate using our bodies and tails
When we’re happy we give you a purr

Territorial creatures, by nature we’re cautious
If frightened, we’ll scratch and we’ll bite
But handled with care and love and attention
We’ll comfort you during the night

Some cats have seen hard times and lived in danger
And lost the will to trust
But with patience and kindness and plenty of time
We can grow to love being fussed

A cat won’t be fooled and when its been hurt
There is no quick easy fix
Though some lucky moggies have been spoilt all their lives
And have learned a few little tricks

Like my friend Muffin who turns on the charm
Or Tiffin so timid and scatty
Handsome Ginger, so proud and strong
Or Basil who’s always been batty

Lets never forget the cats gone by
Faithful felines, honest and smart
Some old friends like Bisto and sweet little Pickle
Whose uniqueness set them apart

But those who love cats do so unconditionally
Because cats deserve nothing but that
Even though we’re naughty and can make a right mess
You should always be kind to the cat

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