Chainsaw Carving

Chainsaw Carving by Stavros043
Chainsaw Carving, a photo by Stavros043 on Flickr.

As regular readers will know, John and I support wildlife and animal organisations as much as we can, and we enjoy having a stroll round some of our local zoos.

We took a wander through Marwell Wildlife Park the other day and came across a talented man with a chainsaw.

This man can work a log of wood into the most intricate and unique sculptures of natural and abstract objects from wizards and sharks and dragons to flowers and giant love-hearts. His latest project at Marwell is a totem pole and with a crocodile at the base.

The chainsaw was really noisy and he was wearing protective equipment and clothing but he used that chainsaw professionally and, like a hot-knife cutting through ‘whipped-cream’, he created some impressive and realistic shapes.

As a member of the feline species, I have an impressive shape myself, sleek and sassy, so I sat for a while posing near-by just to peak his interest!

DSC_9695DSC_1111-EditAn update shot from 21st August

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