Did you know

Did you know that almost half of YouTube’s top 30 most-watched pet videos feature cats.  Love them or not, watching them doing crazy things like stalking a shadow, jumping out of a box or playing the piano, is very entertaining.  The two talking cats have racked up around 53 million views and I hope that this popularity will go some way towards endearing cats to more people.  In fact, there is now an internet video cat festival held every year in the US which attracts thousands of people and supports community projects and charities.  Unfortunately there are no plans for the event to come to the UK.  So you’ll have to make do with being entertained by my antics and anecdotes.

I can do the box trick very well, although John often gives me boxes that are a little snug for my rather ample tushy resulting in a one particularly embarrassing incident where I was wedged head first in a vertical position with my bottom in the air.  Most undignified! Thank goodness John didn’t have his camera handy at the time.  I’m also highly skilled at leaping great heights, tearing hell for leather across the house at top speed with my ears back, and stalking John’s toes.  Well I have to keep my reflexes finely tuned, it helps with my photography.  Thats my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

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