Baby Soft Boutique

Shad here sharing some photographs from the shoot John and I did a few days ago.  I like to flex my photography muscles by taking pictures of a wide variety of subjects in different settings and you probably know that I love to take photos of landscapes and wildlife, while John gets excited about buildings and people.  He also enjoys the commercial shoots because they often involve inanimate objects, giving him the opportunity to get creative and make those objects come alive.

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Commercial shoots are part of Shadow Photography’s portfolio and we get particularly excited when working with a company such as the Baby Soft Boutique because its a small business trying to compete in a world of giants, just like us.  The Baby Soft Boutique specialises in handmade baby blankets and other beautifully crocheted pieces as you can see and each item is unique.  I’m thinking of getting myself a snug jacket for those winter months but I can’t decide on a colour!

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